Little Miss Chaos

Judging by Vivian and Jake’s first encounter at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Belmar, New Jersey, it should have been obvious that Jake was trouble from the start. 

On one side of the counter stands a seventeen-year-old girl with Ivy League aspirations and a clear goal of ruling the world by twenty-two. On the other is a hazel-eyed thief with a surprisingly polite demeanor and a love of sugar-free Vanilla Bean Coolattas. 

As he demands all of the money in her register and tip jar, it’s clear that Vivian and Jake couldn’t possibly have any less in common. So why does she feel a sudden surge of sympathy for the juvenile delinquent standing before her? And why would the robber find himself admiring the badass bravery of the coffee shop cashier?

As their worlds continue to collide, Vivian finds herself torn between her future plans and a longing in her heart that just won’t go away. She was once voted “Little Miss Chaos,” a title she’s tried hard to live down, but when mayhem begins to creep into her life again, will she have what it takes to maintain control?